A couple members of the Tripst3r team were fortunate enough to get a reservation and eat at Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar.  Our findings are below.

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Of course the big event today was dinner at Kitchen 1540 in Del Mar.  The restaurant and the hotel are absolutely beautiful.  As you drive in the stone driveway the valets move to get the number of Porsches parked.  It is a very young and hip crowd who cover the hotel lobby and mob both the indoor and the outdoor bars.  Once into the restaurant you are brought to a lovely light oak wood table.  There is an extensive wine menu and starter menu.  You can order appetizers, meats, and or cheeses.  You can even order raw plates to start–salads, sashimi, and or tartare.  The entrees are extremely fresh and delicious.  I ordered the halibut, but we also had the lamb, and the salmon ordered at our table.  All of the entrees were mouthwatering.  The halibut was cooked medium with a lovely crunch, and it was served in a delicious broth with muscles, fava beans, and artichokes.  The other plates featured fennel–which is all over the menu.  Dessert included a warm chocolate cake, and I enjoyed some home-made lemon sorbet.  The sorbet was quite refreshing.  All in all, 1540 is an excellent dining experience.  The fare is delicious and the service is very prompt and the staff truly work to please you.  If you plan to go be sure to make a reservation a couple days in advance.  If you do not make a reservation on a Friday or Saturday you will not be able to get a table.

Check out the menu’s here!

Check out some of the fare here:

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